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Av They is trying to kill me - 12 augusti 2015 22:45

1. Keep trying until you get it right.
2. The answer to your question is inside of you.
3. Real wisdom in life comes from doing something and failing.
4. When you start to do meditation you recognize the egotistical mind.
5. We must be both compassionate and resilient.
6. Patience is a virtue.
7. Detach from your ego.
8. In Taoism, they say, “No self, No enemy.”
9. Happiness  come from within, and also comes from outside.

Finns en artikel som går djupare och förklarar dessa lite mer - artikel här


Av They is trying to kill me - 12 augusti 2015 22:35

Sanningen gör ont men det är dags att vakna upp!

Inte övertygad? Se denna man tala om sanningen då!

Av They is trying to kill me - 12 augusti 2015 16:29

A Man Claims to Have Not Eaten or Drank Any Liquids For 70 Years. Science Examines Him.

Is it possible for us to survive with no food and water? Doctors are trying to determine that as they are baffled by an Indian man who claims not to have eaten or drank anything for the last 70 years. What is even more shocking? He is in perfect health.

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Av They is trying to kill me - 12 augusti 2015 16:18

Hej då "rättigheter" för nu har vi haft en terrorattack som är falskflagg-operation från staten för staten. Mer skatt, mer rädsla kommer det spridas för att ni ska tro att ni är trygga när dom kan göra exakt som dom vill och mörda vem dom vill som dom alltid har gjort. Anna Lindh, Olof Palme för att bara nämna några.


Av They is trying to kill me - 11 augusti 2015 22:33

Botemedlet för dig?! :)

15 Year Old Treats Crohn’s Disease With Cannabis & Gets His Life Back:

Coltyn Turner, a 15 year old boy who, as a result of his battle with Crohn’s disease (a severe type of inflammatory bowel disease), was so ill that he had to be confined to a wheelchair, recently testified before the Colorado State Legislature that he’d “rather be illegally alive than legally dead.”

This is because he used cannabis to treat his disease, which is illegal in his home state of Illinois. Simply in order to treat their son with cannabis, his family was forced to re-locate to Colorado.

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Av They is trying to kill me - 11 augusti 2015 16:08

1. You spend most of your time devoted to paying off a mortgage rather than enjoying life.

2. You can’t wait for the weekend to come.  

3. You judge your success by the car you drive, the suburb you live in, and the size of the house you own.

4. The wealthy are rewarded for plundering the earth while those trying to save it are ridiculed.

5. You work in a job you don’t enjoy, thinking the money you earn will offset the misery of working in a job or career you are not passionate about. 

6. You think that by a taking a pill your ills will be cured.

7. You think that someone focused on eating healthy, organic fresh foods is weird, while eating highly processed, nutrient devoid foods is normal. 

8. You think buying stuff will make you happy.

9. You watch the news on television and think this is the truth.

10. You’re more focused on your favourite sports team than concerned about the natural world and environment on which you depend for survival.

11. You believe growth and the development of the economy is a good thing and that globalization creates jobs.

12. You conform with the status quo and never question why things are done.  

13. You think traffic congestion, pollution, and sensory overload are part of normal everyday life.

14. You think there is a difference between political parties and that they will enact real change. 

15. You think there are terrorists around every corner and they are a threat to you and your community, despite the fact that you have 150 times more chances of being hit by lightning than being involved in a terrorist attack.

16. You think eating genetically modified food and eating fruit and vegetables sprayed with pesticides is OK.

17. You think the mainstream media is independent and unbiased.

18. You think constant distraction through the media such as sport, trivial affairs, and celebrity gossip is news.

19. You think living next to a cell tower is cool because you get better reception.

20. You wait in line for the next release of the latest technological gadget


The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off!

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